Email Marketing Isn’t Good Enough (5+ Benefits & Tactics For Results)

email marketing campaign

With the overwhelming responses and results that you are receiving from search engine optimization, social media, and mobile marketing, you may think that you don’t need to spend time on email marketing, right? Wrong! Email marketing is still alive, and it is still the most profitable means of marketing.

With email marketing, you can create deeper relationships with a broader audience as compared to the cost of conventional media. An email marketing campaign offers a wide array of opportunities for your business and thus drives a reliable return on investment.

According to the latest report, email marketing is top rated by marketers when compared to other digital marketing channels. With 53.6% of respondents rating it as an excellent source of marketing, whereas marketers rated social media marketing and search engine optimization as second and third, with a rating of 50.9% and 45% respectively.

Also, according to the survey, more than half, i.e., 59% of the companies are preparing to increase their email marketing budget, whereas 7.5% of companies are planning to decrease their budgets.

Benefits of An Email Marketing Campaign:

Build credibility: People prefer shopping and doing business with the ones they know and trust. With a strategic email marketing campaign, you can build credibility by sharing informative and helpful content with your audience.

Tom Ahern, the founder of Ahern Donor Communications, said, “For years, in large part of the newsletter I think, I’ve never had trouble attracting new clients and the right kinds of clients. People will read my newsletter and be able to tell if I’m the right person for the project before they even call me.”

Strengthen relationships: In your opinion, what is the best way of building strong customer relationship? It is an effective communication! Email offers you the help in staying on top of the mind of your customers and keep them engaged with your business updates, even if you are busy.

Increase user engagement: As a startup, you may find it difficult to stand in the market with so much competition. Email marketing helps you in building an audience that is interested in knowing about your products and services, without paying for other advertising channels. This way, you can increase your brand’s user engagement.

Segmentation: Many businesses make sure that they are spending on those customers who are actually interested in their business. With an effective Email marketing campaign, you can go one step ahead, by sending emails to only those subscribers who meet your criteria.

For instance, if your business only offers the services in a certain county or country, then you can design emails that are supposed to be sent to the customers who have shown interest in that specific country. Or if you deal with a business selling sports goods, you can arrange your email only for those who have shown their interest in sports to receive an email.

Email list segmentation works amazingly for brands who gain information about their subscribers. Recent studies show that the marketers who use this technique have seen improved engagement rates as a result. The old ‘spray and pray’ technique of sending the same email to your every subscriber doesn’t work these days. Most of the successful email marketing campaigns are the result of segmenting data and ensuring that you’re sending the most appropriate message to the individuals.

Generate leads: You must be aware of the fact that not everyone who joins your email list will be ready to buy your product or sign up for your service. With Email marketing, you get the chance to get new visitor’s attention and this way you can nurture your relationship and gain the trust of your visitors with useful content.

So, by now you may be thinking how an email marketing campaign can facilitate leads and then convert them into Buyers? Okay, let’s imagine you SELL the best handbags online. You have a responsive website where people can browse and search for the products they want, and you are happily generating leads through “Shop Now” or “Add to Wishlist” from your website.

You get 15-20 people click on these call to action every week, and your sales team get back to each inquiry based on the information they produced. Sadly, you would perpetually convert just half of them into customers, and from the other half, you will never get to hear marketing campaign

So now, you may be thinking how Email Marketing Can Help You in this? If you set up an Email Automation workflow that delivers explicit content and regularly post to these leads, you can stay in contact with them and boost them to use your products or services.

The best part about this is, it can all be automated! Isn’t it really good? While you are focusing on generating more leads, these automated email marketing campaigns can work closely to bring leads in the background and thus increase your ROI.

Let’s jump in and see some of the accessible ways of influencing sales through Email Marketing:

Personalize Your Emails: Personalizing emails is the latest approach that is used by marketers to make their campaign a successful one. Try to address your email recipients with their first name. If you are not able to get the name, make the email a general one with a familiar tone. With this rule, you will get the best results.

Offer the Voluntary Subscriptions: Inviting people to subscribe to your mailing list at checkout mandatorily may seem tempting. But, in reality, it can prove to be pushy and may hinder you from establishing a friendly relationship with your customers.

Give a Choice To “Unsubscribe”: This runs as integrated advice with the first tip, and it’s relatively critical. Customers feel safe when they see both the options, Subscribe as well as Unsubscribe at the bottom of each newsletter. They know they can quit whenever they want, and you will regard their decision. Initially, you may lose some subscribers, but in the long run, you are building trust for your brand and making strong relationships with the customers.

Showcase Your New Collection and Take Pre-Requests: Emails help you in showcasing your new collection and opening doors for pre-orders. This is the way to influence loyal customers and make them feel special and rewarded and making your business grow side by side.

Conduct Timely Discounts: Everyone loves discounts. The best way to attract customers is by offering them discounts on emails ahead of their special days like anniversaries, birthdays and even on holidays like Black Friday, Easter, Christmas or New Year’s Eve. People are expecting sales and are actively looking for the deals.

Not using email marketing? You are missing huge opportunities! Incorporate email marketing into your digital marketing campaign and watch your leads grow and your revenue take off.


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