30+ Creative Content Marketing Strategies (Why You’re Doing It All Wrong)

creative content marketing

Good Content Versus Great Content

The timeless debate about the content presented on the internet will never end. It looks like people are talking more about these things every day. We constantly hear about:

• Great articles and blogs
• Interesting or trendy videos
• Great quality pictures

When we discuss content, it doesn’t necessarily mean we are talking about the text we can read, although many people are going in that direction. As people are creative, content may be the only thing that differentiates between good and great content.

Importance of Uniqueness

Being different and unique is something we all should strive for and try to achieve. People are sick of reading the same material every time they open their browser. Creative content marketing will help you stand out from the crowd. People want something new, fresh and entertaining.

Only those people who write and publish great things can stand out from the crowd. Great content might bring you many benefits:

• A bigger audience
• Increasing number of followers
Sharing of content over social media
• The popularity of your products and services

On the other side, fake content with plagiarism will ban your publishing. Search engines are friendly with content that is unique, while those with plagiarism must face the consequences.

Furthermore, it is not enough to create content that will only pass through plagiarism-detecting software without problems. These days, it is important to create new content, because only in this way will you attract people to read your articles, visit your website, watch your videos and share your work on social media platforms.

Which Articles Do People like to Read?

Every writer should sit down and think about the benefits their readers will receive from the content they put out. As you are putting your content together, do you have a list of guidelines to follow?  A great writer will tell you that the basic principles of a great creative content marketing strategy and purpose of new content are as follows:creative content marketing

• Try to write about topics which people are likely to ask about
• Throughout your article, concentrate on answering the most common questions they might have
• Leave space for your readers, so they can ask you questions about possible issues you might forget to mention
• Answer the questions as soon as you can, because that is what your readers expect from you

If we all think like this from the start, the content we find on the internet will be more effective, interesting and desirable. Hence, we will create greater value for all of our readers.

The Power of Strong Headings

A great writer knows how to take advantage of headings throughout the articles. Maybe, while you are reading, you don’t pay attention to headings. But, one fact is certain and clear in the world of information, and that is search engines will search for content according to the main headings, subheadings, and keywords.

Once you define the topic you would like to present on the web, try to look over the examples how other sources present it. Don’t use the same headings and subheadings. Try to think of something new. Try to use the web to find out what are the most common topics people are typing in their browser when they want to find information about that specific topic.

The Advantages of Keywords

Focusing on keywords is one of the characteristics of great content writers. But, when we say focusing on keywords to make outstanding content, it doesn’t mean we should repeat it all the time. What are some rules and tips for creative content marketing? Well look no further:

• Try to mention the keyword in important parts of the text, not at every step of your writing
• Define the sensitivity of the main keywords – you can easily do this online thanks to different software
• Connect the main keyword with text through long expressions
• Use bold or italic letters to emphasize the importance of targeted keywords

Besides everything that we mentioned above, the most important is that your keyword flows naturally throughout your article, as otherwise there is no sense to use it.

No Fluff Makes Readers Happy

Great content is not consisted of fluffing. If you are interested in attracting the readers and keeping their attention, forget about filling pages with words which don’t make sense. Creative content marketing maintains the right amount of material without unnecessary information.  

Each line should bring something new and informative. Readers want to find solutions to their problems. They are looking for quality, not quantity.

Article Structure and Organization

A great writer knows how important it is to make well-structured and organized articles. The first goal one should achieve is to have quality in front of the quantity.

What does great quality look like? Here are the main criteria which make for great content and high-quality writing:creative content marketing

• The offered content should be useful for the readers
• Besides useful information, it should be entertaining and pleasant to read
• The writer has done their research and studies to back up their information
• If needed, a great article will express a call-to-action and will be engaging
• Serious writers pay attention to spelling and grammar
• Thanks to its main keywords, it is easy to find the article among a bunch of others
• High-quality articles present not only the unique content but also unique and new ideas
• Every article that is of high-quality is readable, so people can understand it
• Great content is always meaningful and has its own purpose
• If people can remember your words, pictures, and videos, that means you did a good thing
• Awesome articles have a clear number of readers, but also questions and answers below

The organization of the content is very important. If you know how to format the text in the right way, it would help to improve the readability. These are some points to which you need to pay attention:

• Font size should be pleasant to the eyes. If you put letters that are too small, some people may have problems reading it.
• The vertical space between the lines needs to be of a normal size. This space is called leading and good content creators pay attention not to make a very tight difference between the lines
• Columns should follow the natural lines of the text or numbers.
• An important thing to note, one should pay attention to the color of the text and background. Choose the colors with good contrast, but still good-looking for the eyes
• The paragraphs are not too long, and they are not forming blocks over the pages
• There are frequent bullets and lists, people like text which allows passing over the article
• Clear and easy to read sentences are always better than very long ones
• Outstanding content always has some sort of pictures or videos throughout the text
• There are always some visible buttons for sharing on the screen, so people can easily share the content over social networks

Final Verdict

It is clear that great content will always find its way to the hearts of the readers. For a successful creative content marketing strategy for your business, try to publish only the best articles, with clear messages. Your readers are representing your brand, don’t forget that.

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