How To Activate Dasher Direct Card

Hello there! Are you a Dasher for DoorDash? Well, then you’re in luck because we have some exciting news that’s going to make your life way easier! Dasher Direct is the new must-have card for all DoorDash drivers out there!

What is Dasher Direct?

Dasher Direct is a card that can be used for purchases within the DoorDash app. It’s super easy to use and hassle-free. No more digging around your wallet looking for spare change or using your personal account to pay for orders.

The card can be activated easily by following a few simple steps mentioned in the DoorDash app. You can use the card to pay for a customer’s order directly or withdraw funds from any ATMs without incurring any extra charges. The card can be accessed from the DoorDash app right from your phone. Easy as a pie!

How to Activate Dasher Direct Card

Activating the Dasher Direct card is incredibly simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open your DoorDash app
  2. Go to the home page of the app and click on the three lines on the top left corner of your screen
  3. Select “Dasher” from the menu
  4. Choose “Activate DasherDirect Card”
  5. Enter the required information
  6. Confirm the card activation and you’re all set!

Once you’ve followed these steps, you can start using your Dasher Direct card. There’s no need to worry about funds as your earnings will automatically be loaded onto your card after each delivery.

Benefits of Dasher Direct?

There are tons of benefits of having a Dasher Direct card. Here are a few we think you might be interested in:

  • Quick access to your DoorDash earnings
  • No need to wait for your payments to deposit into your personal bank account
  • No extra charges for using Dasher Direct at any ATM nationwide
  • Card can be used for both online and offline transactions
  • No need to enter your bank account information in the DoorDash app

Having a Dasher Direct card is a great way to manage your earnings and payments from DoorDash.

How to Find Free ATM and Cancel Card (if needed)

If you ever lose your Dasher Direct card or want to cancel it, there is an easy way to do it. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open your DoorDash app
  2. Select “Account”
  3. Go to “DasherDirect Card” under “Earnings”
  4. Select “Cancel Card” if you want to cancel it or “Find Free ATM” if you’re looking for an ATM nearby.
  5. If you’re looking for an ATM, you’ll be directed to a map that shows all the free ATMs near you

It’s that simple! You should know that in case you lose your card or it gets stolen, DoorDash has got you covered. Customer support is available 24/7 and can help you cancel the card and issue a new one right away.


Here are some FAQs to help answer any questions you might have about Dasher Direct:

How do I load money onto my Dasher Direct Card?

You don’t need to load the card with money. Your earnings will be loaded onto your card automatically.

Can I use Dasher Direct for non-DoorDash purchases?

No, Dasher Direct can only be used for DoorDash-related purchases.

Is there a withdrawal limit on Dasher Direct Card?

Yes, there is a limit of $1000 per day for ATM withdrawals.

What happens if I lose my Dasher Direct card?

If you lose your Dasher Direct card, customer support is available 24/7 to help you cancel the card and issue a new one.

Are there any extra charges for using Dasher Direct Card?

No, there are no extra charges for using Dasher Direct Card.


If you’re a Dasher for DoorDash, you need to get yourself a Dasher Direct card. It’s an easy and effective way to manage your earnings and payments without any extra hassle. Plus, you’ll have access to your hard-earned money in no time!

So what are you waiting for? Activate your Dasher Direct Card today and enjoy the convenience of hassle-free transactions!

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