How To Fix Garage Door Cable

Have you ever experienced a broken garage door cable? If yes, then you know how troublesome and dangerous it can be. A broken garage door cable can cause your garage door to fall off, causing damage to your car, injuries or even fatalities to you, your family or visitors. In this article, we will guide you on what to do in case of a broken garage door cable, the dangers of a broken cable and how to repair it.

What is a Garage Door Cable?

A garage door cable is a vital component of your garage door that runs through the springs, lifting and lowering the door as the motor operates. When a garage door cable becomes frayed, broken, or excessively worn out, the door can become unstable and dangerous to operate. The cable can cause the garage door to slam shut, fall rapidly, or it may not work at all.

Broken Garage Door Cable

The cable system works in pairs, meaning that if one cable breaks down, the other one may still hold the door up, making it seem stable. However, this is unwise, as the remaining cable will continue to support the entire weight of the door, causing it to break down and become more dangerous. For this reason, it’s not recommended to use a garage door with a broken cable.

What Causes a Garage Door Cable to Break?

Garage door cables can break at any time due to various reasons. One of the most common causes is wear and tear due to age. As your garage door ages, the cables that support it weaken gradually until they break down. Another reason is because of improper installation, which makes the cables vulnerable to breaking.

Exposure to extreme weather conditions can also cause a garage door cable to break. Cold weather, in particular, can make the cable freeze and become brittle. Excessive moisture can also contribute to the deterioration of the cable, leading to wear and tear that causes the cable to snap.

How to Fix a Broken Garage Door Cable

Repairing your garage door cable requires a skilled expert. Amateur repairs are not recommended, and you should not attempt to fix the cable yourself, as garage doors are heavy and can be dangerous.

Garage Door Cable Repair

When you call in a garage door repair expert, they will assess the extent of the problem, including identifying what caused the cable to break down. They will then safely remove the broken cable and carefully install a new one. After the repair, the expert will ensure that the garage door operates smoothly and safely.

It’s important to note that a garage door cable can break again, depending on the cause of the initial breakdown. As such, it’s essential to maintain your garage door and frequently inspect the cable for signs of wear and tear. A professional garage door expert can advise you on the maintenance schedule that works for your door.

Dangers of a Broken Garage Door Cable

Continuing to use a garage door with a broken cable is very risky. A broken cable can cause entrapment and injuries. It can also cause your car and the garage itself to sustain damage. Additionally, it can make it challenging for you to operate your garage door for daily use.

A broken cable can also cause the garage door to fall off the tracks, leading to extensive damage to the door and the rest of the garage. This may force you to get a new garage door, which can be costly.


1. How do I know if my garage door cable is broken?

If you hear strange noises when operating your garage door, if the door moves unevenly, if it feels heavy or if you notice that a cable is visibly broken, these are the signs that your garage door cable might be broken.

2. What should I do if my garage door cable breaks?

If you notice that your garage door cable is broken, avoid using the garage door and call a professional garage door repair expert immediately. Don’t attempt to fix the problem yourself, as it can be dangerous and result in further damage to the door or injury to yourself or others.

3. How often should I maintain my garage door cable?

It’s advisable to have your garage door inspected and maintained by a professional garage door expert, at least once every year.

4. How much will it cost to fix my broken garage door cable?

The cost of repairing a broken garage door cable varies depending on the extent of the damage and the door’s size. It’s always best to get a quote from a professional repair technician.


A broken garage door cable can be a dangerous situation. It can cause damage to your car, injuries or fatalities to you and your loved ones. Regular maintenance and inspection are vital in preventing a garage door cable from breaking. In case the cable is broken, contact a professional garage door repair expert to fix it.

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