How To Measure The Shoulder

Greetings, fellow humanoids! Have you ever wondered what your shoulder width is? Fear not! I have scoured the interwebs to discover the average shoulder width and how to measure yours. Do not fret, measuring your shoulder width is a breeze. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Method 1: Measuring with a Tape Measure

First things first, grab a tape measure. Stand up straight with your arms by your side. Starting at the edge of one shoulder, wrap the tape measure behind your back and around to the front, stopping at the edge of the other shoulder. Make sure the tape measure is straight and parallel to the ground. Record the measurement in inches or centimeters. Voila! You have successfully measured your shoulder width.

Fun fact: The average shoulder width for adult men in the United States is 18. This measurement is taken from one shoulder edge to the other.

Another fun fact: The average shoulder width for adult women in the United States is 16. This measurement is taken from one shoulder edge to the other.

But remember, folks, these are just averages. Don’t let society’s standards box you in. Embrace your unique shoulder width!

One last fun fact: Shoulder width plays a crucial role in weightlifting. A wider shoulder width creates a stronger base for overhead lifts.

Method 2: Measuring with a Friend

Don’t have a tape measure? No problemo. Grab a friend and have them stand behind you. Have your friend place their hands on the outer edges of your shoulders. Their thumbs should be touching your spine while their other fingers wrap around your shoulders. Have your friend gently press down to find the widest part of your shoulders. Once they have found it, have them mark the spot with their thumbs. With this method, you can easily measure your shoulder width with just a ruler or yardstick.

Reminder: Make sure your friend is gentle. You don’t want to end up with a broken shoulder just for the sake of measuring it.

Method 3: Using a Mirror

If you’re a lone wolf and have no friends to assist you, fear not! You can still measure your shoulder width using just a mirror. Stand up straight with your arms by your side. Hold a ruler or yardstick horizontally across the back of your shoulders. Make sure it is level and straight. Look in the mirror to ensure that the yardstick is in the center of your back. Read the measurement from the ruler or yardstick to get your shoulder width.

Warning: This method may take longer than the previous methods. Patience is key, my friends.


Q: Can I measure my shoulder width with a piece of string?

A: While it’s possible, it’s not the most accurate method. If you have no other means of measuring, it’ll do in a pinch.

Q: Do I need to measure both shoulders?

A: Nope! Just one shoulder is enough to give you your shoulder width measurement.

Q: Does shoulder width vary by height?

A: It’s possible. Taller individuals tend to have broader shoulders than shorter individuals.

Q: What’s the point of measuring shoulder width?

A: Aside from satisfying your curiosity, it’s a useful measurement for clothing and weightlifting purposes.


Congratulations, my fellow earthlings, you now know how to measure your shoulder width like a pro! Remember, shoulder width is just a number. Don’t let it define you. Embrace your unique body type and continue to slay in all aspects of life.

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