New Choices Treatment Center

Welcome to our post about the New Choices Recovery Center designed by architecture+ with the collaboration of Lomonaco & Pitts. This state-of-the-art facility is a beacon of hope for those struggling with addiction and mental health disorders. The center boasts of modern amenities in a serene and peaceful environment, offering patients a chance to heal and recover. In this post, we will delve into the details of this breathtaking facility as we explore what makes it stand out from the rest.

Location and Design

The New Choices Recovery Center is located in the heart of the city, nestled between tall trees and lush greenery. This location provides patients with a tranquil and serene atmosphere that instills a sense of calm and peace. The center’s architects have considered the need for natural light and air circulation throughout the facility as part of its design, providing patients with a sense of openness and space. With several outdoor spaces designed to facilitate relaxation, patients can enjoy the healing power of nature while receiving treatment.

New Choices Recovery Center Exterior

The exterior of the center is a work of art that combines modern design with natural elements, providing patients with a welcoming environment. The facility’s designers utilized stone, glass, and steel materials to create a beautiful and durable exterior. The building’s facade is designed such that it blends in perfectly with its environment, making it a perfect fit for its serene surroundings.

Treatment Programs and Services

The New Choices Recovery Center boasts of a wide range of treatment programs aimed at ensuring patients receive world-class care tailored to meet their needs. The center offers addiction treatment services such as medically supervised detox, drug and alcohol rehab, intensive outpatient, and aftercare services. Additionally, the center provides specialized care for people struggling with co-occurring mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and bipolar disorders.

New Choices Recovery Center Landscape

The treatment programs are evidence-based psychosocial interventions designed to help patients achieve long-term recovery. Patients have the opportunity to work with highly trained and experienced therapists and medical professionals who provide personalized care throughout the entire treatment process. The center also offers family therapy and counseling to help foster healthy relationships between patients and their loved ones as they embark on the journey of recovery.

Facilities and Amenities

New Choices Recovery Center provides comfortable and homely residential accommodations that encourage patients’ relaxation during their stay. The facilities are equipped with amenities like a gym, a meditation garden, and a swimming pool, among others. The center also provides several educational and vocational opportunities for patients to help them develop valuable skills after treatment that can be utilized in their new lives.

The center’s dining facilities are top-notch, offering patients tasty and nutritious meals to nourish their bodies and minds. The administration at the center believes that food is an essential component of wellness, and as such, it is treated with utmost importance. Patients have access to chefs that prepare healthy, balanced meals that cater to various dietary needs and preferences.

Admission and Costs

Admission into the New Choices Recovery Center is open to individuals eighteen years and above. The center’s admission process involves an assessment by a qualified professional to determine the extent of a patient’s addiction or mental health disorder. The cost of treatment is dependent on the individual’s insurance with most insurance plans covering a significant portion of the treatment costs. The center also offers flexible payment plans and financial assistance for those who are not insured.

Success Stories and Testimonials

New Choices Recovery Center has a track record of success in helping individuals achieve long-term recovery. The center’s qualified professionals utilize evidence-based therapies that have been proven to be effective in treating addiction and mental health disorders. Several testimonials from former patients attest to the center’s excellence in providing quality care through its programs and services. Patients receive high-quality and personalized care throughout their stay, ensuring a successful transition to a life free from addiction and mental health disorders.


Q: Is there a visitation policy at the New Choices Recovery Center?

A: Yes, there is a visitation policy at the center. Visitors must be approved in advance by the patient’s treatment team, and all visits must take place in designated areas.

Q: What should patients bring along during their stay at the center?

A: Patients should pack comfortable clothing that is appropriate for the weather and the center’s activities, toiletries, and prescription medication. They are not allowed to bring electronic devices or valuables.

Q: Does the center allow smoking?

A: No, the center has a strict no-smoking policy, and patients who smoke are encouraged to utilize resources available to quit smoking during treatment.


The New Choices Recovery Center is a testament to the dedication and commitment of its designers and administration to providing quality care to individuals struggling with addiction and mental health disorders. The center’s programs and services are tailored to meet individual needs, ensuring long-term recovery. The state-of-the-art facilities, serene environment, and top-notch amenities provide patients with a comfortable and homely atmosphere that encourages relaxation and healing. We hope that this post has been informative and helpful in providing insight into the New Choices Recovery Center.

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